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Adding an Augment mod to an item “Exceptional” gear is created when you get a critical success on a normal crafting schematic. End Game - Hei An Kong Zhi Once you have good gear that you feel you’re going to hold on to for a while you can improve it by adding Augments through crafting and Item Modification Tables. Swtor Sith Assassin Comprehensive Guide | GuideScroll

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Why should I use the Item Modification Table? - Arqade The Item Modification Stations are now required to add Augments to your gear. When you buy an Augmentation Kit you have to take it to one of the stations and pay to apply it to your gear, giving you an augment slot. You can then use the station to add an augment or simply modify the gear as normal with Ctrl + Right Click. Swtor Augment Slot Component Mk 1 - Stellest Poker Night Hire Sydney The Old Republic to take a look at how to sonoma casino address level the fastest in the latest swtor augment slot component mk 1 edition of th Guide Star Wars: They go from 1 swtor augment slot component mk 1 through juegos de casino online minijuegos 6 just like the kits..Made to make effortless experience .

Swtor Augment Recipe List ... The system of adding augment slots to gear in SWTOR underwent a radical transformation in patch You can purchase the recipe from your

SWTOR: Lando Calrissian and the Ferocious Slug-Men of Katmandu ... PvP relics are cheap and close to best in slot, barring the ones that drop from hard or ... Augmenting your gear is important at max level. .... With 600 cartel coins, you can add her contract to your collections system and get her ... Star Wars: The Old Republic II: Hutts don't have feet! [Archive ... Mods from end game pvp gear that is placed in other orange items ...... Sure, SWTOR has the flashpoint quest givers but they are one-shot ..... Basically, once 1.2 goes live, the new crit-crafted oranges are going to be best-in-slot, since you'll be able to fill them with a full set of Rakata mods and an augment. SWTOR Gaming Mouse by Razer Review - Star Wars: The Old ... Mar 7, 2012 ... Champion Gear Bags are still available. ..... With the upcoming Game Update 1.2, we are adding endgame crafting for all ... This includes augment crafting, the ability to crit-craft custom (orange) gear with augment slots, new ...

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Adding augment slots : swtor - reddit There are augment slots and there are augments. Augment slots are added to your gear using a augmentation kit and a augmentation station. Stations can be found on the fleet and kits can be crafted or purchased on the GTN. In order to add the slot you would buy or craft the kit then go to the station put... Swtor: How to augment gear - YouTube This video shows you how to add augment slots to your gear and the augment modification. You can pretty much augment any piece of gear you have or better stats. How do I add an augmentation slot to a piece?